Quotes & Thoughts on Happiness by BK Shivani

Deepak Rajpal

Deepak Rajpal is a Motivational Author, and founder of VisionShine.com. He lives in New Delhi, a beautiful capital of India. He contributes to several other blogs as well. He is also a Software Engineer expert in WordPress development. To know more about him, you can please visit DeepakRajpal.com

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  1. P says:

    Hallo dear brother,
    I have some questions. But i ll ask u Just one of them.
    Bhaiya if you want to take control over mind and intellect then what should be done for that!!?

    I hope to hear from u soon.

    With regards,

  2. Uday Bhandare says:

    I like very much B K shivani speech and don’t want to miss her speech

  3. Ajit Tiwari says:

    Nice piece of Article.Please keep sharing such valuable articles.

  4. Rinkal says:

    Awesome lines motivational
    Thank you

  5. Ajit Tiwari says:

    Om Shanti,
    Meditation brings an unbelievable change to the life.

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