Be Flexible like Water

Deepak Rajpal

Deepak Rajpal is a Motivational Author, and founder of He lives in New Delhi, a beautiful capital of India. He contributes to several other blogs as well. He is also a Software Engineer expert in WordPress development. To know more about him, you can please visit

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5 Responses

  1. vikas says:

    flexibility in life really brings some amount of risk taking ability , but I do personally feel that in some situation we should not exercise this attitude. If person is having one opinion and that opinion is not steady through out this course , then question remains on his creditability . World knows most of the powerful personalities does not changed their stand regardless anonymous diversities and equal resistance.
    That quality build them tough and made them success. So on flexibility point of view I am not agree with you.

    • So nice to hear you back Vikas 🙂 I agree that Vision should never change. However, we should be flexible in our plans. Just when we have updated information, we can update our plans accordingly.

      I would like to share The Unlimited Success Formula, i am just reading in “Awaken the Giant Within”.

      1) Decide what you want,
      2) Take action,
      3) Notice what’s working or not, and
      4) Change your approach until you achieve what you want.

      Therefore be flexible with your approach but not with your dreams. Hope it is better now.

  2. Shalanda Miranda says:

    Thank you Deepak for your viewpoint on this. I am very stubborn and I have caused a lot of conflicts in my life with other people, because I have very strong opinions about things and I’m rigid and very stern about them. I like how you said we don’t have to change our vision, we don’t have to change our plans, but you tell us to be flexible in our approaches. I can be flexible like water. I’ve learned that I can still have my on opinion but I can respect that of others without changing my vision by being flexible.

  3. Ramesh Dass says:

    Nice Blog Sir . Information is very useful .

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