Create your Destiny by your Karma

Deepak Rajpal

Deepak Rajpal is a Motivational Author, and founder of He lives in New Delhi, a beautiful capital of India. He contributes to several other blogs as well. He is also a Software Engineer expert in WordPress development. To know more about him, you can please visit

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  1. C. M. Kulkarni says:

    If karma works impartially, then, why do we have police, Court and judges? Why one should get punished for his/her bad deeds? Let the Karma acts and punish them acordingly? Please clarify

    • I believe Karma works for everyone and it works via different means. Court, Judges and police are some of those means. However, it could be difficult to accept for someones because it is not instant and not measurable for humans. The best thing is to takes responsibilities of our own actions and leaving the rest. Thank you for interaction Kulkarni 🙂

  2. Lata says:

    It is said that our destiny is predecided than what a mean to do the karma.i prepare for my exam from long time but always only by one step i lose my ambition .than everyone say that where my destiny decided their i get job.than is have any mean to hard work when my job is earlier hardwork is invaluable in front of destiny.

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