Importance of 3Cs (Communication, Concentration, Confidence) to avoid struggle in a Job

Struggle is an important part of life. But if you are struggling on the same thing again and again, you need to work on right thing. Look at the root what cause the problem. Until you don’t identify problem, there will be no solution.

There are different factor to keep going in life as well as job. Sometimes we lack some qualities that are important part of our job.

Let me share you a story regarding the importance of 3Cs (Communication, Concentration, Confidence) factor in life/job.

Here the story unfolds.

One of my friends is struggling for a job since last one year. He is into the Software development. He is very hard working, dedicated and intelligent. Even he has joined three or four organizations but after just a few days or weeks he had to leave the job. Why? Because he was not able to deliver the result that were expected.

He is striving for the next job and doing his best to get another. Sure he will get but how long it will last again. He knows how to get a job but problem is in later part, How to survive a Job.

What is the problem?

I called him and discussed what is going wrong. I asked him where you think the problem is. He told me a few things. I am highlighting three of them in his words.

1)      “I am not able to clearly express my thoughts. I just could not found the right words.”

2)      “I am not able to join conversations with people. So I just want to be alone there and just want to focus on work.”

3)      “And most of the time I am not able to focus on work, because some random (negative) thoughts come into my mind and keep irritating me.”

What is the solution?

I told him to work on three things 3Cs (Communication, Confidence and Concentration). If you have similar kind of problems, here are some suggestions:

1)      Communication: Some of us not able to communicate with other team member within the organization. But it is an important part of the job most of the time. Communication is all about words.

We always have a variety of ways to tell anything. But what we need to express clearly is the right words. So before expressing, think about it for a while. For example, If you stuck somewhere in the work, how will you ask for help? Let us see some options

  1. “I think it is impossible to do this. How can we do it?”
  2. “I am not able to find any solution for this. Do you have any?”
  3. “What are the best options we have to do this?”

You can see there is sense of optimism in the third sentence and there are more chances that the other person’s response will be positive too.

If you are not able to find such words: Read related books, listen podcasts, watch movies and listen carefully when conversations happening around you.

So rather than just sitting alone, get out of your comfort zone. Join people and practice.

2)      Confidence: You have to fake it until you make it. Do you fear talking to people? Do the things you fear and the death of fear is certain. First, always have a confident conversation with yourself. Practice it every morning. Go to the mirror and talk to yourself. Watch your best expressions. This will help in your communication as well.

3)      Concentration: We all have a different life at home or at work. Sometimes when things are not good at home, it tends to clash with work as well. Keep every thought at their place.

As soon as you realize that you are not able to focus, have a short break. Keep your eyes close for few seconds. Be aware of the distracting thoughts and Let it go. It will take time (may be months) to see the difference. But keep doing practice. Listen to the meditation music if you like. Once you will master your mind and thoughts you can direct it in the way you want.

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Deepak Rajpal

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4 Responses

  1. varun says:

    thank uh sir for the meaningful words !
    We must work on 3C’s! And as you said, we must be aware of the problems; i thank uh to make people aware of 3Cs, so now we can improve it!
    Thanks for your helpful ideas !

  2. pooja says:

    Although i read a lot about positive thoughts, actions i was facing few challenges. Though all the action needs to be taken on those challenges and time as well as wisdom will guide me but i think your blog has inspired me to a certain extent.
    Keep writing…

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