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Why we should make New Year's Resolutions

Why we should make New Year’s Resolutions?

Yesterday I saw a cartoon picture, where one friend asked other, “Why so optimistic about 2019? What do you think it will bring? Everything seems so messed up.” “I think it will bring flower”, other said. Really? How come? “Because I am planting flowers”, he answered. There are many people...

Be Flexible like Water

Be Flexible like Water

Do you want a secure job for rest of your life? Do you aim for risk-free business? Do you want to live a stable life? We all want to have a life with no struggle at all. See your past life and tell me if you ever found a person...

Adapt Change in Life

How to Adapt Change in Life

In life things keep changing and hopefully for the better. Most of the time when life hit you, you have to change the way you are living or you are thinking. The first reaction to any change in life is always resistive. When something unexpected  happens, you ask why me....