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Quality of Thoughts: Positive Thinking and Negative Thinking

Quality of Thoughts: Positive and Negative Thinking

In today’s busy life, we have plenty of thoughts coming into our mind. From family to office, business to events, study to job, our mind is running all the time. Do you have an idea, how many numbers of thoughts comes into our mind every day? Have you ever realized...

The Power of Positive Thoughts

Instant Realization of the Power of Positive Thoughts

We talk about positive thinking so much. Many of us believe that positive thoughts create positive results. Still many people underestimate the power of Positive thinking. Today we will experiment with the power of these thoughts. What do you say? All right, you seem happy with that. First, let us...

Start your day with Positivity

Start your day with Positivity

Your morning sets the rhythm of the day. If your initial thoughts are pure and energetic, your day will be full of achievements. If you wake up worrying about the past, your day will be full of regrets. Every one of us has many things to do on his everyday’s...