Willpower is the key to Success; People Lack Will

You must all have heard the English proverb “Where there is will, there is way”. This is so true.

Every one of us wants to fulfil their dreams in life. But most of us think that we have to do something extraordinary to achieve them. Then it comes to make excuses. Some says I do not have enough time right now. Some says I do not have enough skills yet. In these excuses, they even neglect little that they can do at present time.

“People do not lack strength; they lack will.” ~ Victor Hugo

For example, one of my friend want to built an online shopping cart. But he says it needs too much investment at the beginning. It needs funds to buy contracts from product owner as well as to maintain website and developers. So he even had not taken his first step.

Let me tell you that the first step is not to invest money. The first step is to study what you actually want. You should have the process and plans documented. Then you automatically find your next step and it will not be so big that you cannot do it. You can always start from little. Success takes time but you should be determined willpower along the way.

Lack of Willpower:

People do not start something because they lack will. Strength comes later. Do you remember anytime of your life when you were determined to do something and you did it? It could be some tough exam that you have passed or it could be some long trip that you finally have planned.

If we look at our past we have number of things that we proud of. Most of these things were not easy, but you got them because of your will. You wanted to do them at any cost. When you have such willpower, you will always find a way to do this.

Do not see five reasons why it should not work, believe in the one reason why it should work.

Willpower in daily life:

You do not need to be at the moon to check your willpower. It shows in your life every day. Today this world is full of information. No matter what your profession is you will find something new to learn. But we do not have enough time to learn everything so we skip. Now what matter is the importance of that thing and your willpower to learn.

Suppose you need to travel some hill station. You have debit/credit card, but you do not know how to make online payment for advance registration. Yeah! We all know it is easy, but not for the one who is doing it for the first time. Now if you know that you barely need to travel again and make online payment. You will find easy way and ask some friend to do it. You will send cash to him later and it is done. Alright.

Now if you know that you often travel or you often need to make online payment. You want to learn that. For that you have to go to your friend and work on it. So you need some extra time and effort right? Now it comes to your willpower. If your will is strong you will find time to be with your friend and learn it. But if you lack, will you will find excuse. You will find it easy to ask your friend’s help to do it. However it will solve your purpose for short time but it will increase your dependency over time.

Example of Willpower:

I have always seen that when you avoid something just because you are not comfortable with it, it becomes monster. It takes strong willpower to overcome that fear.

This whole article inspired by one of my friend who came to me this Sunday. He needs to buy something online but he has never used his debit cards for transaction. He always preferred cash purchasing or asked some friends to avoid the hassle. But this time he was determined to make it by his own. As we all know that when we try to get out of our conform zone, things are difficult especially at the beginning. It was Sunday morning and it was raining moderately. So the easy option was to avoid this time again. But he did not.

As per his words “I sit for a while and think that today it is raining. Next Sunday, It may be too hot/cold. Next to Next Sunday I could have some urgent piece of work. After that it could be that my friend is not available. So let go off these excuses and do it today. It may take little time to find a transport but it is not impossible. I could be little wet but so what.”

“Where the willingness is great, the difficulties cannot be great.” ~ Niccolo Machiavelli

So he gets out of his home and came to me. It was not easy even after that. He failed 6-7 times. Sometimes because of browser problem and sometimes it was taking so much time to reset the password. But he did not use my card to make payment and he finally succeeded. It was all because of his willpower.

This was a simple example from daily life. But these simple tasks in daily life test our willpower. If we procrastinate on these little things, how can we achieve big?

“Willpower is the key to success. Successful people strive no matter what they feel by applying their will to overcome apathy, doubt or fear.” ~ Dan Millman

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    very nice inspiring post. Willpower in daily life is most important point. really great.

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    Very nice articles.thanx 4 the guidence

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    Will power ,It is most important part of our life .without it nothing is possible in this world if you have will power so think that your success is in your hands .

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